Royal Canin Pet Food

KW Humane Society is now selling a variety of Royal Canin products to support our Shelter Food Program!

For every bag of dry food or can of wet food sold, KWHS earns free food to feed our shelter animals. It takes A LOT of food to feed upwards of 115 animals every day, so please think about supporting KWHS and purchasing your pet food at the Shelter.

Below is a list of the products available at KWHS
If you are looking for a specific Royal Canin product that is not listed, please email or call us

**We are not able to order the Royal Canin Veterinary Exclusive products**


Wet Food: Kitten Instinctive

Wet Food: Spayed/Neutered

Dry Food: Kitten (3.5lb & 7lb Bags)

Dry Food: Mother & Baby Cat (3.5lb & 7lb Bags)

Dry Food: Indoor Adult 27 (3lb, 7lb, & 13lb Bags)

Dry Food: Indoor Mature 27 (2.5lb & 5.5lb)

Dry Food: Oral Sensitive

Dry Food: Digestive Sensitive

Dry Food: Spayed/ Neutered Appetite Control (6lb & 13lb Bags)


Dry Food: X-Small Puppy (3lb Bag)

Dry Food: X-Small Adult (2.5lb Bag)

Dry Food: Medium Puppy (6lb & 17lb Bags)

Dry Food: Medium Adult (6lb & 17lb Bags)

Dry Food: Maxi Adult (6lb & 17lb Bags)

Dry Food: Maxi Puppy (6lb & 18lb Bags)

Dry Food: Mini Adult (4.4lb Bags)