Community Programs

What We Do

The Humane Society’s Community Programs examine the relationship between animals and humans, recognizing that we share many of the same physical and emotional needs.
Concepts learned through humane education promote and encourage further development of important character and life-building skills including empathy, sensitivity, responsibility, respect, compassion and kindness to all living beings.
Knowledge of humane education concepts also provide individuals with the capacity for responsible and humane decision making, making our communities more enjoyable for all.
Through learning, leading and lending a hand, every child can make a positive difference in the welfare of animals. Children can provide a voice for our animals and help reduce the number of mistreated and abandoned pets.
In the year 2015, these programs impacted over 37,000 individuals in our community. This is an unprecedented accomplishment in local Humane Societies. We strongly believe that the future of our community animals are dependent on vibrant education programs that educate individuals on responsible pet ownership.

Our humane education programs focus on


Children will learn how to be safe around animals. We teach children how and when to approach an animal and how to read body language.


Children will learn responsible pet ownership. We teach children to have empathy, compassion and understanding for all animals and to treat them responsibly.


Children will learn about paid and volunteer opportunities involving the care of animals. Students can extend their classroom learning through our supervised co-op work placements while earning credits. Experiential learning also helps students explore different careers paths in animal welfare.