Lost & Found

The Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society (KWHS) wants to help you find your missing pet by providing you with helpful information and resources. Currently, there is no one place to post missing pet information so please be diligent and check out all the resources.
Stray dogs brought to the KWHS are held for a minimum of 5 days stray period. After that period, the dogs are examined to determine if there are any health or behavioral concerns. If the dogs are deemed healthy and behaviorally sound, they are placed up for adoption.
Stray cats and small domestic animals brought to the KWHS are held for a minimum of 72 hours stray period. Like dogs, these animals are examined, and if deemed healthy and behaviorally sound, they are placed up for adoption.

I’ve Lost My Pet!

  • Ask family, friends, and neighbours to help you search as soon as you realize your pet is missing. Be sure to check around your yard and under your deck.
  • For a lost indoor-only or timid cat, think like a cat and look in every hiding spot possible in your yard and neighbours’ yards. Lost cats will often remain hidden and quiet, sometimes inside the house.
  • Visit the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society as soon as possible to look through our stray animals and fill out a lost animal report.
  • Walk, bike, drive, or jog through your neighbourhood every day, and more than once, to find your missing pet.
  • Place an item of the owner’s clothing outside in your yard where the pet might sense it. Check regularly.
  • Put posters around the neighbourhood or area where your pet was last seen. Include photo and description of your pet, your phone number, and when your pet disappeared. Make sure you have voice mail to answer those calls.
  • Call your veterinarian. Your pet’s rabies tag number can be traced to your veterinarian.
  • Ask your mail person, newspaper delivery person, and anyone who travels throughout your area regularly on business to look out for your pet.
  • Place ‘Lost Pet’ ads in your local newspapers. This indicates you’re actively looking for your pet.

I’ve Found a Pet!

  • If you find an animal/pet, it is important that you contact the Humane Society as soon as possible to file a Found Animal Report.
  • All Stray dogs should be taken to the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society, as that is where owners will look first. If you cannot bring the dog in, an Animal Services Officer can pick it up within city limits.
  • Most stray cats who appear healthy and robust will return home on their own. For all sick or injured animals please call the office directly at 519-745-5615
  • Place a ‘Found Pet’ ad in the newspaper. Look for postings in your area.
  • Put up ‘Found Pet’ posters.
  • Check out missing pet reports and posters at veterinary clinics and other public spaces.
  • It is recognized that a cat has a better chance of finding its way home when it is left in its neighborhood.
  • Cats are 13 times more likely to return home if left alone.
  • If a cat is being a nuisance and you are aware of the owner’s address, please email: bylaws@kwsphumane.ca for more information.


Please do not drop animals off at the KWHS Centre or abandon them anywhere else where they may have no shelter or food source – it is against the law. Work with us to arrange a safe and convenient transfer of your pet to a new home

Punishment for abandoning an animal is up to 5 years in jail. Criminal Code of Canada 446 (1)(b)

To legally surrender your animal, please contact our center directly at
519-745-5615 extension 227.